Sixth Form Admissions - Codsall Community High School
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Sixth Form Admissions


Admission to the sixth form will be from:

a) students in Year 11 at the school (internal applicants); and

b) students not on roll at the school (external applicants).

The normal year of entry to the school’s sixth form is Year 12.

External applicants are required to apply for a place in Year 12 in the same way as  internal applicants.

To study A Levels, you will need at least a grade 6 in the GCSE subjects that closely match your A Level choice, with grade 5s in English and Maths.

To study BTEC courses, you will need at least grade 4 in the GCSE subject, or a merit at level 2 in a BTEC subject, that is closest to the subject you want to study.  More information can be found on the subjects can be found in or prospectus.

Teachers will be consulted for advice on a student’s suitability for a course.



Any applicant refused admission to the school’s sixth form has the right to appeal.

Appeals will be heard by an independent admission appeal panel.


Timetable for Admission

1. School’s sixth form admission arrangements (and course entry requirements) are published in December

2. Applications are submitted by (internal and external applicants), with requested options indicated.

3. GCSE results are published August.

4. Allocation of a place confirmed or declined in August as close to results day as possible or on results day. External candidates are encouraged to notify the school on results day so that the process can be quickly concluded. For students not meeting the entry requirements for their preferred course, we will work hard to find alternative suitable programmes to offer.

5. For students declined a place, there is an independent admission appeals process that takes place in September/October. More details will be given to students as appropriate.


Late Applications

Late applications will be considered and processed where possible.


Apply Online Now

You can complete an online application form by clicking here. When we have received your application a member of our staff will be in touch.