Curriculum Intent and Ambition - Codsall Community High School
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Curriculum Intent and Ambition

Our Curriculum Intent

Our vision is to ensure that all students are work ready and well positioned to cope with the demands of modern society when they leave Codsall Community High School. Careers advice and guidance is an entitlement for all students and we are determined to focus on achieving each students next ‘best steps’.  The school has an excellent track record of securing appropriate destinations and Nil NEET’s (Not in Education Employment or Training) is one of our targets.

We live in a rapidly evolving world and for modern society to function effectively our focus is to ensure that our students have the resilience to cope with the pressures and challenges that the this brings. In a world where personal and global conflicts are more visible and publicised through modern day technologies it is essential that we support students in developing tolerance and respect for others. Young adults need to be prepared to respond to issues and situations in a balanced, tolerant and mutually beneficial way. We want our students to be safe with technology, skilled in its use and able to enjoy the tremendous benefits that are accessible when used wisely.

Our school is a calm working environment for students and staff, we recognise that some individuals will require special support to enable them to function effectively. Outstanding behaviour is the expected norm and positive working relationships between students and staff engender a culture of mutual respect. We expect all our teachers to deliver good and outstanding lessons which are engaging for learners and fulfilling for teachers. We all work hard to ensure that we are a school where everyone (employees and students) feels valued and supported which in turn will determine a positive working environment. This is achieved through praiseworthy recognition of the students’ achievements and the part played by teachers to achieve outstanding outcomes. Success and achievement will be celebrated.

For students, the transition to KS4 happens naturally as they join the school in Y9, having had a rich, specialist experience of a full range of subjects in middle schools, that far surpasses the experience of children in most primary schools. Students are able to invest extended time into the subjects that interest them most, allowing teachers to go beyond the requirements of examination specifications and foster a curiosity and passion for learning in their field; alongside competency as a learner and adaptability.

It is the curriculum, including the ‘hidden curriculum’ that drives our ambitions forward to create the school we describe. The curriculum will be broad, balanced and relevant to the needs of students and employers, but with dutiful regard from teachers to recognise that growing up as a young adult presents challenges. Our ultimate goal is to balance the aspiration for outstanding standards in examination outcomes with fulfilment, mutual respect, and happiness being experienced by all our students.