Admissions Information - Codsall Community High School
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Admissions Information

Codsall Community High School is a popular choice with parents and students alike due to the high quality of education and the supportive learning environment it provides.

If you would like to find out more about the school, then follow the links to the school Prospectus.

We are happy and proud to show visitors around the school on any working day.  To arrange a visit, to this successful school, please contact the school office.

For all in year admissions and for normal point of entry admissions (September) if you are a Staffordshire resident, please click the Staffordshire County Council logo for more information on the admissions process and application form.

A verbal enquiry or visit to a school is not a formal application for a school place and therefore you may not receive a response to your enquiry.

If you have already submitted an application and you do not receive a written response at the very latest within 15 school days then please contact the school by email wherever possible to request a written response to your application.

If you are a West Midlands resident and wish to apply for a Year 9 September start for your child, please click the Wolverhampton City Council logo for more information on their admissions process and application form.

Although parents have the right to express a preference for the school that they wish their child to attend, there is no guarantee of a place being offered at their preferred school. It is the County Council’s policy to try and meet parents’ wishes where possible, however in some cases there may be more applications for a particular school than there are places available.

Admission to oversubscribed community and voluntary controlled schools is determined by the over-subscription criteria given below.

Oversubscription Criteria: If the total number of preferences for admission to a school exceeds the school’s Published Admission Number (PAN), the following order of priority is used to allocate the available places. (N.B., after applying the oversubscription criteria, where an applicant can be offered a place at more than one preferred school then they will be offered a place at the school ranked highest on their application.) The PAN of Codsall High School is 250 per year group.

1. Children in Care and children who ceased to be in care because they were adopted (or became subject to a residence order or special guardianship order).

2. Children who satisfy both of the following tests:

Test 1: the child is distinguished from the great majority of applicants either on their own medical grounds or by other exceptional circumstances. Medical grounds must be supported by a medical report (obtained by the applicant and provided at the point of application). This report must clearly justify, for health reasons only, why it is better for the child’s health to attend the preferred school rather than any other school. Exceptional circumstances must relate to the choice of school and the individual child, i.e. the circumstances of the child, not the economic or social circumstances of the parent/carer. It should be supported by a professional report (obtained by the applicant and provided at the point of application), e.g. social worker. This report must clearly justify why it is better for the child to attend the preferred school rather than any other school.

Test 2: the child would suffer hardship if they were unable to attend the preferred school. Hardship means severe suffering of any kind, not merely difficulty or inconvenience, which is likely to be experienced as a result of the child attending a different school. Applicants must provide detailed information about both the type and severity of any likely hardship at the time of application.

3. Children who have an elder sibling in attendance at the preferred school and who will still be attending the school at the proposed admission date; (For admission purposes, a brother or sister is a child who lives at the same address and either: have one or both natural parents in common; are related by a parents marriage; are adopted or fostered by a common parent or are unrelated children who live at the same address, whose parents live as partners.)

4. Children living within the catchment area of the preferred school

5. Children who attend certain primary/middle schools defined as major contributory schools.

6. Other children arranged in order of priority according to how near their home addresses are to the main gate of the school, determined by a straight-line measurement as calculated by the Local Authority’s Geographical Information System.

Where it is not possible to accommodate all children applying for places within a particular category then the Local Authority will allocate the available places in accordance with the remaining criteria. If for instance, all the catchment area children cannot be accommodated at a school, children who are resident within the catchment area will be arranged in order of priority according to distance i.e., category (6).

For appeals information, please see

Timeline and Procedure for Admissions Process

The timeline for the September 2023 process is outlined by the Local Authority at the website below.

Staffordshire Local Authority Coordinated Scheme 2023/24