The House System - Codsall Community High School
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The House System

Introducing our House System

Codsall Community High School operates a House System where we engender a real sense of community, competition and achievement across the year groups. Each student wears a tie that shows their House colour. We have named our four Houses after four space shuttles: Challenger, Discovery, Endeavour and Enterprise. These names link to the Codsall motto of ‘Per Ardua Ad Astra‘ (Through adversity to the stars) and were chosen by Isaac Goodison, a student in the South Staffordshire Learning Partnership. The House names reflect the journey that our students take through school, applying 100% effort and resilience to their studies. If we work together in this way we are confident in the success of your child both academically and beyond.


“What is really important to me is that we create a feeling of pride and a sense of belonging within our house. I want you to be involved and steer the course of our journey this year.

Any journey can be tough but the people around you sharing that journey with you make all the difference; so, look out for each other, encourage each other to take part, and celebrate successes with each other.”


“Discovery House – where unity is our strength and diversity is our power! I am excited for the journey ahead in exploring the new challenges we face this academic year! I believe all students in this house are unique and all of your dreams matter. I look forward to working alongside you; allowing you to learn about your own capabilities and equally celebrating your successes. This house will also focus on being selfless; developing you as well-rounded students who have the ability to give back and make a difference to others.

We are Discovery; together we are unstoppable!”


“This year more than ever we need to be a community that has kindness, courage and resilience at its heart. I can’t wait for the year ahead which will see us celebrate what it means to you to be a student here at Codsall and see you all contribute towards creating Endeavour house’s identity. In Endeavour we are all about equality and unity, everyone will be a part of this journey.

Let’s do this Endeavourians! Houston. We have lift off.”


“I’m very much looking forward to working with staff and students this year in crafting a strong house identity and ethos, built on the ideas of our school motto: being ambitious in driving our house to success; being kind and caring to others in a time of acute uncertainty and striving to succeed in all areas of house life.

It’s vitally important to me that all students (and staff) feel represented, proud and happy as part of Enterprise House, as such I’m hoping as many of you as possible get involved in what I’m hoping will be a significantly broader range of inter-house competitions and charity fundraising activities.

Welcome aboard people!”