Special Educational Needs & Accessibility - Codsall Community High School
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Special Educational Needs & Accessibility

The SEN department at Codsall High School consists of a SENCo, Assistant SENCo, 3 Higher Level Teaching Assistants, 4 full time teaching assistants and 2 part time teaching assistants.

Students with special educational needs are supported in the school in a number of different ways including one to one support in classrooms, interventions by subject specialist, access arrangements testing and implementation, a one-page profile of needs and strategies and a rigorous assess, plan, do, review process that all interested parties are involved in as per the SEND Code of Practice.

More information about how we support students with SEND is in the SEND Information Report 2022-2023 available on our policies page. This report is updated annually with information about how we implement the schools SEND policy which can also be found on the policies page.

Codsall Community High School welcomes disabled pupils into the community, they are admitted according to the criteria listed in the South Staffordshire Schools admissions policy. The school is constantly updating the School Accessibility Plan and Equality and Inclusion Policy to ensure that disabled pupils can access the full curriculum offer and the physical environment is conducive to their successful participation in the whole school offer. Our Accessibility Plan is available on the policies page of the website.

Our school works and contributes to the South Staffordshire Inclusion Network Hub meetings to share best practice, identify additional support and expertise

Meet our SEND Team

Our current SENDCo is Mr. Westwood.

Mr. Westwood is ably assisted by Mr. Humphries.

Our Safeguarding Governor is Jess Shulman. There are details of how to contact our Governors on the ‘Contact Us’ page.

Our SEND team can be contacted at senco@cchs.sslp.uk

Policies and Information

Our SEND Policy and SEND Information Report are available on the policies webpage.