Heads of Year - Codsall Community High School
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Heads of Year

Year 9 – Ms Lewis

In Year 9 we start afresh, work hard and look after each other

After a year of unprecedented change, our Year 9 students will be entering Codsall Community High School with a skillset and resilience like no other year that has come before them. Starting Codsall Community High School offers all of our students a new beginning: an opportunity that I hope each and every individual will take advantage of. This is their chance to showcase what they can do in the classroom and in their community, and I am excited to see all the positive things they can achieve. As ever, I’m looking forward to welcoming a year group whose attendance and punctuality is excellent; whose effort in the classroom is unparalleled; and who are kind and respectful to others.

Obviously, there are plenty of staff who will be here to support along the way, but it’s important that our year 9 students are individuals who make the right choices and are responsible for their own actions. The next three years will go by in the blink of an eye, so it is essential that every day is made to count… right from Day One!

Year 10 – Miss Guest

My expectation for all of Year 10 pupils this year is to ‘Be a good person and do the right thing!

Firstly, I’d like to express my pride about how you’ve adapted and grown through your first year at Codsall High. This academic year has been full of challenges for you to overcome and adapt to, and you’ve done so with determination and resilience.

As you move into Year 10, this is now the time to build on that resilience as you’re faced with the first of your examinations. Upon reflection this is simple; when faced with anything in school or life, simply make the correct decision. Choose to take pride in your appearance, choose to listen in lessons, choose to take up challenges in class, choose to aspire to be a better person and I promise you that you will reap the rewards later in life.

As we find a new normality this academic year, we do so in the sure knowledge that everything is in place within school for you to succeed in your exams, as long as you give 100%. I believe we have not simply survived; we have grown together and thrived together during testing times and this must continue.

Finally, I want to thank you for making such a fantastic start to Year 10. Keep moving forward and keep working hard! We’re all in this together.

Year 11 – Mr Bainbridge

You are all set for amazing futures, if you continue to work hard and apply yourself to all your exams

At Codsall Community High School, high expectations, excellent teaching, exciting learning environments, an emphasis on the core purpose of helping students to learn and achieve, combined with a strong, caring support system, we ensure that students of all abilities achieve their potential.

The environment created by our school has set you up, as a Year 11 pupil, to achieve some of the best GCSE grades in the country; the key factor as to whether you achieve those grades, is your effort and attitude to learning.

I believe that you all bring your own particular skills and talents and we, as a school, aim to recognise, acknowledge and build on them. My wish is for you to come out of Year 11 as a well rounded individual who has gained the best GCSE results that you can, as well as gaining invaluable life experiences.