School Day - Codsall Community High School
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School Day

Times of the day from 8th March 2021

15 minute arrival window – students will be directed to arrive between 8:45 and 9:00, enter the building at the door closest to their first lesson and go directly to the classroom.

Teachers will need to be in their classrooms from 8:40 to welcome students, sanitise hands etc. All teaching commences at 9:00am

Lesson 1 – 9:00 to 10:00 then move to lesson 2 following the 1-way system

Lesson 2 – 10:00 to 11:00

Break in separate social areas 11:00 – 11:20 (No students in corridors)

Lesson 3 – 11:20 – 12:20 then move to lesson 4 following the 1-way system

Lesson 4 – 12:20 – 1:20

Lunch in separate social areas 1:20 – 1:55 (No students in corridors)

Lesson 5 – 1:55 -2:55

  • Year 9 depart – 2:55
  • Year 10 depart – 3:00
  • Year 11 depart – 3:05
  • 6th form thereafter
  • All departing students should leave school at the nearest exit, directed by staff.

    September Opening

    Since the government released its guidance we have been working very hard at developing a model that will allow us to deliver a full curriculum, keeping students in “Year Bubbles”, facilitating social distancing of one metre between students (where possible) and two metres between students and staff, and enable more than 1000 students to move around our building safely.

    The following information outlines the way in which Codsall High will be open to all students from September and how we will accommodate the movement of different year groups.

    Please click the link below for the Year 9 Information Booklet.

    Please note – parents should not send their child into school if they or any member of their household is showing signs of Covid 19.

    Anyone who develops symptoms of Covid 19 must inform the school so that we can take appropriate action and inform Public Health England.

    Due to the need to ensure that students are kept in their bubbles we strongly urge parents to ensure that their children are not onsite more than 10 minutes before their first lesson.

    Questions parents / carers may have:

    Why have you structured your day in this way?

  • We have more than 1000 students at the High School.
  • The government has stated that we need to ensure that children are kept in year group bubbles.
  • fore, we have introduced a phased start and finish to the school day to minimise contact between different groups of students.
  • We have remodelled the school day with multiple breaks across the day for students to move between lessons without mixing between students in different year groups. 
  • To ensure different year groups are “held” in different parts of the school we have had to shift the timings of lessons and temporarily change the length of the school day.
  • We also want to make sure that our students still receive the full curriculum. We will not be reducing options choices for our students.
  • Please note that traditional assemblies will not be held whilst we are running this model.
  • How will lunchtimes & breaks work?

  • Students will be escorted to an eating area for a twenty minute break as indicated in the model above.
  • Catering will be provided for students who have requested it or students can bring in their own lunch / snacks.
  • Students will have to sit at assigned tables so that queuing is reduced.
  • Where possible (weather permitting) students will be allowed out into a zoned area of the school fields / outdoor spaces to allow them some fresh air.
  • Students should bring a raincoat or umbrella to school each day in case of inclement weather.
  • How will lessons work?

  • Students should go straight to their first lesson without socially mingling with friends, especially friends from other year groups.
  • Students should go straight to their first lesson without socially mingling with friends, especially friends from other year groups.
  • The layout of classrooms have been changed to enable us to keep students 1 metre apart from their peers and two metres apart from their teacher wherever possible.
  • In between each lesson the room will be cleaned before the next group arrives.
  • Teachers will set work in a variety of formats but there will be some differences in how work is assessed in lessons and how work is marked  (books will need to be left for 72 hours before the teacher is able to physically handle them)
  • Form time has been removed for the duration of this model. Lesson 1 will be counted as the am registration mark and lesson 5 as the pm registration mark.
  • It is essential that students return to school and settle quickly to our new way of operating. They must understand that the temporary changes are there to keep staff and students safe whilst following government guidelines.
  • On the days when students have PE they will be allowed to wear their PE kit to school for the day. It is anticipated that the vast majority of PE lessons will be outdoor lessons due to the government guidance. Parents and students may need to bring a waterproof coat and change of socks / trainers in case of poor weather.
  • How will the school ensure that students are following health guidelines?

  • We have undertaken a significant programme of change within the school during lockdown and following our wider re-opening.
  • All students will need to use sanitiser upon entry into school.
  • All students will need to use sanitiser on entry into each new lesson and when they leave.
  • All students will need to clean their desk using the sanitiser provided. 
  • All risk assessments have been updated to take account of CoVid 19.
  • All students must follow guidance during breaks in the day.
  • All students that use school transport will need to wear a mask. Staff will also wear masks on school transport.
  • No visitors will be allowed on the school site during the school day, apart from specialist staff working with key children. There will be no parental access to the school site during the school day.
  • All students must follow the behaviour expectations at all times. Failure to do so will lead to sanctions being implemented.
  • Students will not be allowed on to the school site until 10 minutes before their first lesson starts when they go straight to their lesson. 
  • Any students requiring first aid will be treated by staff wearing PPE.
  • We will endeavour to ensure that rooms have adequate air circulation wherever possible.
  • How will transport work?

  • Students who require school transport will have indicated this by emailing the school during July, following the text sent.
  • Our school transport will be phased to run to the timings of the new day.
  • Students will be required to wear face masks and sanitise hands, if they are travelling on our school transport.
  • Your child’s allocated mini-bus number with the school, time of transport as well as charges for transport will be communicated to you individually in the next few days. We will be arranging Parent Pay for payment, to avoid cash handling. 
  • Times have been staggered to ensure social distancing on all mini-buses, as well as limiting the students queuing at the bus stop.
  • The mini-buses will be deep cleaned between every run and have windows open for ventilation.
  • Further guidance will be issued by the Local Authority regarding the transport that they provide in the next few days.
  • Will there be additional lessons put on to allow students to catch up on the work that they have missed?

  • We have worked very hard at adapting to the different challenges we faced in enabling students to access learning and are very grateful for the many supportive emails we received about this.
  • That being said we are aware that different students will come back to school having made different levels of progress during lockdown and beyond and so a period of assessment will be required at the beginning of the autumn term.
  • The government has been very clear that there will be no extra pressure to “catch up”. The children will be where they are and it will be up to schools to ensure that they cover the revised course content in the forthcoming year.
  • The design of our curriculum model is such that students have already got more learning hours built into their programmes of study than they would in other schools.
  • What about after school clubs and extracurricular activities?

    Government guidance is currently that schools should avoid extra-curricular clubs and fixtures.

    What preparations are the school making in case of a further lockdown?

  • We have reviewed our delivery of lessons using video conferencing software and provided additional training to our staff
  • Courses now have a greater presence on our virtual learning environment (Moodle) for sharing of resources and receiving of work
  • We plan to further update and maintain our IT infrastructure over the summer so that we will be best placed to cope with any future changes to out of school learning.
  • Who will be looking after my child’s pastoral needs if tutor time has been suspended?

  • All students will be assigned a form tutor in our new pastoral system based on single-year tutor groups.
  • Form tutors will remain the first point of contact for the pastoral welfare of their tutees and will be supported in this by heads of year and pastoral managers.
  • As an institution we are more than mindful of the variety of ways our students may be affected by the last few months and will, of course, be working very closely with families to support our students in the best possible way.
  • A point worth highlighting is that we cannot and will not accept behaviour from students which endangers the wellbeing of other students, either physical or mental. Normal school routines will have been absent for a number of students who will be with us in September and it is vital therefore, that behaviour is outstanding from all upon our return.

    School One Way System – Autumn Term 2020

    Below are the ground floor and first floor plans showing the one way system that will be adhered to by staff and students from September 2020.