Y10 and Y12 Work Experience 2022 - Codsall Community High School
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Y10 and Y12 Work Experience 2022

Y10 and Y12 Work Experience 2022

Codsall High School Work Experience Dates

All Year 10 and Y12 students are expected to take part in work Experience

Y10 dates: Monday 27th June – Friday 1st July
Y12 dates: Monday 4th July – Friday 8th July

Friday 18th February is the cut-off date for the completion of health and safety paperwork
Paperwork and all relevant information can be found in 3 clicks on our school website Students/Careers/Work Experience.
https://www.cc-hs.com/work-experience/ alternatively students can collect the paperwork from student services

Students can use the Work Experience Space database to see what local companies are already registered for work experience. Information on how to access the database is in the letter, that were handed out to all Y10 and Y12 in November(this can be found on our school website).

The onus is on the student with the support of parent/carer to approach the company/organisation they would like to work with for their placement and to get the paperwork completed by the Manager/supervisor. Once the paperwork is completed, Mrs Alexiou makes sure that the placement has Health and Safety clearance.

Any inquiries please speak to Mrs Alexiou in Student Services.