Work Experience - Codsall Community High School
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Work Experience

YEAR 10 & 12 WORK EXPERIENCE 2021-22

As part of our careers curriculum at Codsall High School all of our Year 10 and Year 12 students, without exception, are expected to attend a work experience placement. We believe that it is important that young people have the opportunity to get an insight into the work place, this should be preferably linked to their intended career path but not essential.

All placements are for one week, in this academic year. The dates are:

Year 10 Work Experience dates: Monday 27th June – Friday 1st July 2022

Year 12 Work Experience dates: Monday 4th July – Friday 8th July 2022

Essential Work Experience Documentation

WorkExperienceSpace is an easy to use website that helps you find the work experience placement you want!