Transport Information - Codsall Community High School
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Transport Information

Dear Parent / Carer 18th March 2019

Many of you will have received communication from Staffordshire County Council outlining the proposed costs of transport between Perton and Codsall Community High School.

Unfortunately, the school did not receive a copy of this letter.

We understand that the costs proposed for parents who live within the three mile radius have been set at £625 for the year.

We still stand by our view that the proposed walking route is not safe and that the proposed costs from Staffordshire are too much of a jump in price to expect parents to be able to meet to send their child to their school of choice, Codsall Community High School.

With this in mind the school would like to offer a more affordable option in comparison to that being proposed by Staffordshire. However, to ensure that the school can continue to run this service for some time into the future we have had to make two key decisions:

  1. To use some school funding to subsidise the transport costs for parents.
  2. To make a small increase to the costs to ensure longevity of the offer.

Therefore, we are proposing to offer a service to Codsall in the morning and back to Perton in the afternoons from 1st September 2019 through until the end of term in July 2020.

Timings for the mornings will be as follows:

  • 3 x minibuses at 7:40 am
  • 2 x minibuses at 8:10am
  • 2 x minibuses at 8:35am (including transport for 6th form)
  • The pick up point will be from Sainsbury’s Petrol Station as we currently run.
  • Drop off times will continue to be as they are now.

We are able to offer this service for £315 per annum.

We are currently exploring some additional flexibility for 6th form students and we are also hoping to secure some additional funding from other sources. If we are successful, the funding we receive will be directly used to reduce the costs above.

Other points of note:

  • We will be introducing a monthly charging system (over 10 months) to ensure the cost is spread for parents / carers.
  • Transport for those outside of the three mile radius will continue to be provided by the Local Authority.

We thank you for your continued support in this matter and continue to offer our support in having the route re-assessed as an unsafe route for walking in whatever way we can.


Starting Tomorrow, Wednesday 19th Dec for 3 days All children living in Perton currently on route 153 with P&D York should travel on route 157 with Hills Coaches. The children will need to use the existing stops on route 157

08:00 – Perton – bus stop adj Mercia Drive/The Parkway – drop off 15:20

08:02 – Perton – tel box opp Sandown Drive/ The Parkway – drop off 15:22

08:04 – Perton – bus stop adj Richmond Drive/ The Parkway – drop off 15:24

All of the remaining children on route 153 to Pattingham will travel with PD York but the route will pick up 15 minutes earlier in the morning, so at 07:40am Pattingham High Street Bus stop. It is likely that the drop off will also be 15 minutes later in the afternoon due to the road closure and diversion.

The coach companies are all aware of our 1.20 finish on Friday.

Update from Codsall Community High School regarding transport arrangements between Perton and Codsall Community High School November 2018

On the 26th November I had a conversation with the transport department regarding the arrangements for the transport of students from Perton to Codsall Community High School.

Currently they have been unable to resolve the key issues of finding a company that has capacity to pick up in the morning and undertake the return journey in the afternoon. Nor have they been able to arrive at a price point which I believe to be a “good value” offer. However, I do know that they have offered to continue to work to a solution.

At the same time, I am aware that the independent assessment of the proposed walking route submitted by parents and Perton Parish Council is not being considered until the 21st December 2018 which also happens to be the day that we break up for the Christmas holidays.

To ensure that there is no additional strain and worry placed on families during this intervening time we have managed to arrange for the transport arrangements currently in place to be extended until the end of January by which time we will hopefully have a favourable outcome in the review or an alternative, affordable transport solution in place.

Alun Harding
Executive Headteacher
Codsall Federation of Schools


Apologies for the transport problems

Dear Parent/Career,

Apologies for the transport problems last night (Tuesday 6th November).

The school initially received a phone call from National Express to say the bus would be 20 minutes late, all the students at the bus stop were informed of this delay. After the said 20 minutes, the bus didn’t arrive, so the school tried to contact the bus company to find out what the delay was. Unfortunately, we had no response and try as we may, we could not get any answer from the company.

The staff on duty remained with the students and let them know that transport would be arranged but that the bus would be late.

When it looked like the bus would not arrive, we made the decision to take the students to Perton using our own minibuses. The drivers undertook another two journeys each to make sure all students got to Perton.

Staff waited at the school bus stop until all students had left safely.

Unfortunately, some students decided to walk home rather than wait for the return of the mini-buses.

The National Express bus arrived at 3:50pm.

We have complained to National Express today about the lack of transport and the fact that the school was unable to contact anybody; we have also asked that as soon as the company are aware of any issues that they contact the school so we can let people know asap in future.

Their response is as below.

“Sorry I was not in the office at the time, I was in a meeting with my line manager. I have just been downstairs to see what has happened and the bus broke down with a fuel leak on route to your site. Once a substitute vehicle was found, the driver went to the school but all the pupils had gone.”

They have also given the school a direct number to call in future.


Monthly Transport Payment Reminder

If your child uses the school mini bus to/from Perton. Your monthly payment of £23.20 for October is now due. Please make cheques payable to Staffordshire County Council

The Your Staffordshire Card scheme is ending on 31 August 2019

Staffordshire County Council like many councils are facing unprecedented financial challenges not of our making due to the increasing costs of funding adult social care and children’s care – at a time when national funding to councils continues to fall.

The decision has been made to phase out financial support for the Your Staffordshire Card (YSC) youth scheme. In the past you have helped to promote the scheme and we would like you to display the attached poster and let your students know of the closure if possible.

This means that from 31 August 2019 the pass will no longer be accepted for discounted travel on buses. We will honour passes to that date.

If people wish to comment they can email by 30 November 2018. Individual responses will not be provided but all comments will be noted.

Kind regards


Lisa Conn
Connectivity Officer
Connectivity Support
Staffordshire County Council,
No. 1 Staffordshire Place,
ST16 2LP

Please send all post to: Staffordshire County Council, 2 Staffordshire Place, Tipping Street, Stafford. ST16 2DH

Tel: 01785 276730


Statement regarding the changes to and from Perton and Codsall Community High School


Transport Update – National Express Service 710/10S

There will be no duplicate 710 service open to the public. A Term Plus Pass of £285 per annum will not be valid on this route.

National Express have confirmed that they will address this matter with their customer care team so parents are not misled.

For any further queries please contact Student Transport at South Staffordshire Council on;

Tel: 01785 278718


Changes to School Transport from September 2018

Arriva who have been operating Service 10S from Perton to Codsall High School have recently submitted notice to terminate this service with their last day of operation being Friday 20 July 2018. As a result of this notice, Staffordshire County Council has undertaken a re-tendering process to replace this service. The outcome of this process has resulted in Service 10S being replaced by Service 710 which will be operated by National Express.

In the future, only pupils entitled to free transport will be allocated passes to this service – a total of 70 pupils from the Perton area. Please note – pupils will not be able to board and pay a fare on this service.

Routes 153 (Pattingham & Perton) and 157 (Perton) will be operated under contract to Staffordshire County Council. Route 153 will be operated by P & D York and route 157 will be operated by Hills Coaches .

Route 153 will have a capacity of 70 seats and will provide for entitled pupils from Pattingham and part of Perton. In addition to providing for entitled pupils, 10 – 15 seats will be available for pupils who are not entitled to free transport. These seats will be sold by Staffordshire County Council as vacant seats on a first -come first -served basis.

Route 157 will also have a capacity of 70 seats and will provide for entitled pupils from the remaining part of Perton. Any remaining seats will be available for non-entitled pupils to purchase as vacant seats on a first come-first served basis. It is estimated that approximately 45-50 seats will be available for non-entitled pupils on this service covering the Perton area.

Please note – pupils will no longer be able to pay a fare on either of these routes as they will both be operated on a contracted basis rather than as a commercial service. Non-entitled pupils wishing to travel on either of these two services must purchase a vacant seat pass.

The cost of a vacant seat for the next academic year will be £625.00 for a return journey or £312.50 for a one-way journey either school bound or home bound. Parents can apply for a vacant seat on route 153 or 157 by applying on-line at and entering ‘vacant seat scheme’ in the white search box on the website’s home page. Parents will also find further information about the vacant seat scheme at this location include the schemes terms and conditions. There are various payment options available including annual, termly or direct debit which parents can choose from.

For queries please contact;

South and West Areas (Stafford Borough, Cannock Chase District & South Staffs District areas)
Tel: 01785 278718

Monday to Thursday 8:30am – 5pm
Friday 8:30am – 4:30pm


Passes for entitled pupils for Service 710, 153 and 157 will be printed and posted to pupils home address ready for the beginning of the academic year including information on times and boarding points.


Network West Midlands

New look, new features, same amazing discount
The changes to this year’s 16-18 photocard scheme makes discounted travel more accessible. We have worked tirelessly with operators and the Mayor to secure a free card (no more £10 fee) and remove application red-tape (no more UVCs) as well as a number of other new features. Here’s all the key information you need to know:

Dates for the diary
31st July – current 16-18 photocards expire
6th August – new scheme opens for applications
There are no UVCs to worry about

The webpage is the same as last year,

17 year-olds
For those that have previously applied for the 16-18 photocard, they will need to login and reapply via

New Features
Please familiarises yourself with the changes below, all of which make it easier for you, and your students.

(For students only) No more Unique Validation Code (UVC):
You will be happy to hear that there will no longer be a requirement to give students a UVC code. Students can apply directly online from from the 6th August.

Free to apply, same discount:
There will no longer be a £10 fee for the photocard. It is now completely free to apply and will still entitle 16-18 year olds to save up to 50% on most bus, train and tram services within the West Midlands.

One card:
There will be only one type of 16-18 photocard, that can used by students, apprentices, trainees and those in employment. This will replace the two separate cards that currently exist.

Apply once:
Applicants will no longer need to reapply every year for their photocard. Their card will be valid up till the 31st July of the academic year the applicant turns 18.

Swift enabled:
All new 16-18 photocards will be Swift-enabled, allowing season tickets to be loaded onto the card. This will remove the current requirement for card holders to carry the photocard as well as a separate ticket.

An exception for this are season tickets that are not available on Swift (i.e train only). In this instance, a separate paper ticket will need to accompany the photocard.