School Transport Information Update - Codsall Community High School, Staffordshire
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School Transport Information Update

School Transport Information Update

Dear Parent / Carer,

Many of you will have received communication from Staffordshire County Council outlining the proposed costs of transport between Perton and Codsall Community High School.

Unfortunately, the school did not receive a copy of this letter.

We understand that the costs proposed for parents who live within the three mile radius have been set at £625 for the year.

We still stand by our view that the proposed walking route is not safe and that the proposed costs from Staffordshire are too much of a jump in price to expect parents to be able to meet to send their child to their school of choice, Codsall Community High School.

With this in mind the school would like to offer a more affordable option in comparison to that being proposed by Staffordshire. However, to ensure that the school can continue to run this service for some time into the future we have had to make two key decisions:

  1. To use some school funding to subsidise the transport costs for parents.
  2. To make a small increase to the costs to ensure longevity of the offer.

Therefore, we are proposing to offer a service to Codsall in the morning and back to Perton in the afternoons from 1st September 2019 through until the end of term in July 2020.

Timings for the mornings will be as follows:

  • 3 x minibuses at 7:40 am
  • 2 x minibuses at 8:10am
  • 2 x minibuses at 8:35am (including transport for 6th form)

The pick up point will be from Sainsbury’s Petrol Station as we currently run.

Drop off times will continue to be as they are now.

We are able to offer this service for £315 per annum.

We are currently exploring some additional flexibility for 6th form students and we are also hoping to secure some additional funding from other sources. If we are successful, the funding we receive will be directly used to reduce the costs above.

Other points of note:

  • We will be introducing a monthly charging system (over 10 months) to ensure the costs is spread for parents / carers.
  • Transport for those outside of the three mile radius will continue to be provided by the Local Authority.

We thank you for your continued support in this matter and continue to offer our support in having the route re-assessed as an unsafe route for walking in whatever way we can.

Yours faithfully

Alun Harding

Executive Headteacher