School Cafeteria - Codsall Community High School
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School Cafeteria

We take the health and well-being of our students very seriously and encourage and promote healthy eating in our school cafeteria at break and lunchtime.

We ensure we comply with national food standards by ensuring that healthy products form part of the school menu, in essence:

  • Fruit and vegetables : no less that two servings of fruit and vegetables per day per child
  • Oily fish is served at least every three weeks
  • Bread is available every day at lunchtime
  • Free, fresh drinking water is available every day at break and lunchtimes
  • The only drinks served are water, pure fruit juices, milk, yoghurt drinks with less that 5 % added sugar, low calorie hot chocolate, tea and coffee

Students may bring their own packed lunches and are encouraged to make this nutritional and healthy. Water may be drunk throughout the day which includes lessons (apart from Science). To do this they must bring with them a clear bottle which can be refilled during the school breaks.

Restricted or foods no longer allowed:

  • Confectionary is not sold at all
  • No savoury snacks such as crisps are allowed
  • Salt and condiments not allowed, there are small quantities only in sachets
  • Meals do not contain more than two deep fried foods per week
  • Manufactured meat products may only be served occasionally and must meet standards for minimum meat requirements

Other school initiatives:

  • Pupils are not allowed to consume fizzy drinks and chocolate on the premises
  • Items of food are not given as rewards by staff
  • There are no pupil vending machines on site other than at the high school where there is one drinks machine for hot drinks
  • Only healthy snacks are available at break and lunch times
  • Filtered drinking water is available throughout the school day to all pupils and staff at the water coolers located throughout the school
  • Themed days in the school canteen for staff and pupils to promote different and varied foods

Staff and pupils are informed of healthy eating initiatives by :

  • Communicating new initiatives in assemblies
  • Healthy eating is part of the school’s life skills programme
  • Taster days to introduce new ideas and foods to the school canteen
  • Feedback from the student council and year councils
  • Theme days for all in the school canteen
  • Posters and communications displayed in the school

Spring Term Menu

The Menu then rotates.