Miles Pearce - Cambridge University - Codsall Community High School
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Miles Pearce – Cambridge University

Miles Pearce – Cambridge University

I chose to study Geography at A Level as it was a subject that I thoroughly enjoyed. I have always loved the subject and I find that the more you learn about it and the more subject areas you cover, the more interesting it gets. I chose to study at Codsall High because it was local to me and I didn’t feel that it was necessary to move to a different sixth form. I felt this way because I knew that the teachers, both in the department and in the rest of the school, were of the highest quality. Something that I was lucky to have during my time at Codsall was relatively small class sizes, meaning lessons were even more engaging.

Almost every single lesson was a positive one for me. I enjoyed the content that we covered in the course, the way that it was taught and the perfect mixture of a serious and laid back work environment. In terms of trips, our fieldwork trip to Borth was my favourite. Nothing beats a sunny day on a Welsh beach, playing with fieldwork equipment.

The main reason that I am glad that I chose to stay at Codsall High for sixth form is that the teachers that you find there are incredible. They are all so pleasant and helpful and are willing to assist with whatever problem you have. This is true for a small piece of the course that you don’t quite understand, for offering their guidance on thousands-of-words long coursework and everything in between.

Where has studying with Codsall Humanities taken me?This year I’m studying Geography at Cambridge University, where I plan to play as much sport as possible, meet as many people as possible and have a fun time immersing myself in all things geography. I’m hoping that as I progress through my studies, it will give me more of an idea as to what I’d like to do in the future, after my three years here. After that I intend to apply for some summer internships over the next few years, in a range of different fields, to see which I enjoy the most so my studies and work experience will guide me.