Home School Communication - Codsall Community High School, Staffordshire
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Home School Communication

Home School Communication

Dear Parent / Carer

Home school communication

I’m writing to apologise to a small number of parents who may have received an overwhelming number of predominantly negative text messages from us in recent weeks.

We introduced the text message system to engage parents in the school life of their son or daughter, ensuring that you were kept up to date with any successes or concerns we had.

Research shows that students achieve more when their parents are engaged with what’s going on in school and reinforcing standards that are set. We wanted to pilot a new way of communicating quickly and effectively with parents.

However, due to a variety of well-intentioned but ultimately counterproductive factors I’ve become aware that a growing number of parents have received multiple messages that are unduly negative potentially creating a sense of frustration with the school. I’m sorry if you have been affected by this.

Building on the lessons we have learned we will now be sending out the following standard text messages only from Monday 25th March 2019:

1) If your child has a detention the next day.

2) A weekly text which summarises the lessons your child has worked hard in, the lessons where effort could have been better, if they have been late

and any uniform or equipment issues.

Please note that parents won’t get a generic text if their child has been absent or they have been involved in a serious incident. If your child is absent they get a text from Student Services and if your child is involved in a serious incident you will get a call from our Pastoral team.

I hope that this will give parents a much more balanced and informative view of your child’s week and will allow you to engage with us in a constructive way.

Please do not block our number (despite the frustration some of you may have felt!). We may need to contact you in an emergency, for school closures, transport issues and so on and we will often do this via text message.

Yours faithfully

Alun Harding

Executive Headteacher