Careers News: Year 9 Green Pioneers Trip - Codsall Community High School, Staffordshire
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Careers News: Year 9 Green Pioneers Trip

Careers News: Year 9 Green Pioneers Trip

Aberdovey March 2019

Through our career’s links with mid-counties cooperative, 12 of our year 9 students got chance to take part in a week of activities at the Aberdovey, outward-bound centre, based in Wales.

During the week all students took part in, 5 to 8k walks, 2 days wild camping, canoeing, rock scrambling, all in extreme weather conditions during storm Gareth.

The whole week was based around the Midcounties Cooperative “DOES” values, Democracy, Openness, Equality and Social Responsibility.

Some of the aims of the programme were to: Explore the issues of climate change, sustainability and energy; Experience making positive choices to live more sustainably; Learn about the Co-operative DOES values and how to apply them to everyday situations; Develop an appreciation and respect for other people and the natural world; Develop and improve personal awareness and the confidence to make a contribution in collaborative situations; Develop an awareness of the link between positive choices and positive consequences; Develop their leadership and employability skill set.

All of the students completed the “John Muir Trust Discovery Award”. (Environmental award schemes encouraging young people to discover, explore, conserve and share their experiences of a wild place).

Feedback from, teaching staff, Midcounties coop staff (who attended with the students) and outward-bound leaders was brilliant, they all said they couldn’t believe what the students had achieved during the week.

All students said they enjoyed the week, they learnt how making choices, affects themselves and others, that the course has encouraged them to work harder to achieve their goals and they would definitely recommend it to other students.

These students will now progress onto working on a sustainability project with staff from Midcounties coop.